About Us

Are you an ArtCollector?

The very wealthy collectors of the world often have a fancy dinner party to celebrate their new acquisitions. Toasts of admiration are exchanged to celebrate the work of art and the collector who had the vision to acquire it because being an ArtCollector reflects not only your wallet, but your taste, your vision and your determination.

Sometimes, the only thing that separates that one collector from another is the ability to afford a historically significant work.  I created ArtCollector.com to cater to those who have taste, vision and determination. We coordinated with esteemed Salvador Dali Society®, the copyright holder of these images, so that you cannot just own a Salvador Dali, you can wear it too.

We will be releasing a series of T-shirts artfully printed with iconic works of Salvador Dali. Prior to the release of each work, and for a short time, we will offer only 500 Men’s and 500 Women’s as special First Edition examples of each shirt. These very limited editions will bear an embroidered “First Edition” on the right sleeve as well as “Artcollector” on the left sleeve.

Each T-shirt sold will have a Certificate of Authenticity which reflects the edition number of your purchase.  The edition number will be preceded by a “W” for women’s and an “M” for men’s.  For example, you may own M 276/500 or W 276/500.  Please keep the Certificate in a safe place in case you ever decide to put the shirt back on the market.  Subsequent editions of shirts bearing this image will not have the “First Edition” embroidered mark or have a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Whether you put your shirt away or wear it, Congratulations on being an ArtCollector!

-Joe Nuzzolo